Happy Hollow Garden Invites Help With Fencing and Watering


History of the Garden. For the last three years, Happy Hollow School had a five bed raised bed garden next to the parking lot, where it was challenged by browsing deer that could not be fenced out because of proximity to the wetlands, and snow that was plowed onto it from the staff parking lot.

A new garden was built in April 2015 on the other side of the school by a team of student, parent and teacher volunteers.  It receives great sun and actually sees the first snow melt in Spring. It is away from parking (but still permits overflow parking).  As it is more accessible from the playground and more visible from the street, it will enjoy more student/staff and parent involvement.

Fencing. That spot will also allow the building of a deer fence and we are inviting the community’s help on that. Do you want to help, do you have expertise, please let Deborah Niles know.

Watering. Happy Hollow installed a large tote that captures rain water from the roof of the small shed near the garden. This catchment system will allow the gardens to be irrigated without relying on town water.  We can no longer rely on the rains to gently and regularly water the plants and need volunteers to help us keep the plants happy . Please let Deborah Niles know if you would like to help.


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