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Claypit hill school building its database of garden/compost volunteers

please email Deane Coady if you are willing to help periodically in the Claypit hill school gardens. Deane’s email is

The organic vegetable and fruit gardens have become an integral part of our school.  Here is what Robbin Rossi, second grade teacher, says about the gardens:

“I could not have predicted what a big part the gardens would…. play in our school or how inspiring they would be…..working on this common project has pulled students together….students have gotten to know each other across grades…students have learned about diversity through the plants….the beauty of the garden has made a splash at school and in the community…groups of students choose to work independently in the garden area during recess….students’ eye open wide at the site of the matured fruits and vegetables. ”

A former fifth grader reported:  “it is a good thing this school has a garden because first off we get to eat some of this lovely food so we don’t always eat processed food.  Second, most of the food goes to Parmenter (and a family shelter in Framingham) – a good cause.  that is why it is important to have a garden at our school.”