Happy Hollow


The Happy Hollow Representatives are second-grade teacher Deborah Niles, Deborah_Niles@wayland.k12.ma.us) and parent volunteer Kaat Vander Straeten, parent (kaat@waylandgreenteam.org). 

Recycling. Happy Hollow has a strong recycling program: all the waste in the classrooms, offices and the lunchroom are sorted into the Town’s single-stream recycling and trash.

14_7575025784_8a5d17eeda_smallComposting. Every day, volunteer fourth-graders take the kitchen scraps from the kitchen to two large composting bins. These bins also receive garden waste, and grow a lot of worms.


07_6270600283_a58e01195b_o_500Vegetable Gardens. The School had a five bed raised bed garden next to the parking lot for three years (cf. photo above), where it was challenged by deer and snow plows.

The raised beds were recently (April 2015) moved to the other side of the school by a team of student, parent and teacher volunteers. That spot will also allow the building of a deer fence around the raised beds.  Last but not least, as it is more accessible from the playground and more visible from the street, it will enjoy more student/staff and parent involvement. We are still working on fencing: if you would like to help with this effort and/or have expertise, please let Deborah Niles know.


18_DSCF0389_500Students grow most of the crops in those beds from seed in the classrooms. They take care of the seedlings, plants them out, and water and weed, then harvest. The harvest is shared with the other students in the cafeteria.

There is also a much-loved herb garden in front of the school, where parents and kids waiting can smell and taste fresh herbs.



Rainwater catchment. Happy Hollow also installed a large tote that captures rain water from the roof of the small shed near the garden. This catchment system will allow the gardens to be irrigated without relying on town water.



The Happy Hollow Loop

In 2013, Happy Hollow School participated in the Wayland Earth Day celebration with the Happy Hollow Loop:flyer4(adapted)_1000


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